Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mo' Better Snurf

Montreal wins the Cup!

A Cup O' Pow.  And more to come. Winter advisory in full effect, brothas! 
Speakin' of brothas, invite your bros to snurf with you. 
We brought our Finnish brother, Clauster, out last night, who nailed it.  The Fun Factor jumped up, watching someone snurf for the first time. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jake Burton Carpenter on Snurfing - "It is Totally Cool"

Q. Do you ever dust off the snurfer and take it out for a ride?
 A. “No. I have absolutely no interest.
      I don't want to embarrass myself, because I know how difficult these boards are to ride, how challenging it is.
      I respect people that do that.
      It is totally cool.”

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sherman Poppen and Lockin', There ain't no Stoppin'

Still snurfin' at 65.  The creator of the Snurfer.
Look at the run he's on!  It could be anywhere that there's snow.
Your front yard, your school yard, the side of the road.
Your neighborhood snurf run with all your pals,
or you could be rockin' out in the deep pow of Utah, BC, VT, QC, wherever there's snow and a hill.
So simple, but without limits. 
Snurf's Up!

Sherman Poppen

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skate or Die

Various designs over the years have tried to capture the flow and ride of skateboarding and provide it for the snurfer.  Here are some examples.  A japanese original, one of the original Sims, pre-bindings, and the Skeeter.  When you think of the success of the black snow, and it's short life, you can only imagine that there are boat loads of designs out there that made limited production, or even one-of's.  I'd like to see them all.  Credits for the Sims and the Japanese skate images to a great collection of vintage snowboard and early design at

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snurf Skate

This design is fun, but adds way too much weight to what is, in essence, the freedom of snurf.
What isn't shown in the pictures is the bungees used to prevent over extension of the trucks due to the torque on the longer boards.  Skate trucks aren't built for this.  The snurf experience has been teaching me simple is still best.  Just the same, it's fun to experiment.  Do you have a design that you'd like to share?  Please email us at

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snurf Simplicity

Snurfing - A piece of wood and a pair of your jeans and you're smilin'.  

Grell Snurfboards

Jeff Grell, a pioneer in the snowboard industry, has been building snurfers, and they are for sale.
You can reach him through his blog at

Illicit Snowboarding

Yo, Illicit Snowboarding,, has a page on Snow Surfing that showcases some Snurf related videos.  Fast Forward past the Frozen Surfers. 
We're finding increasing content on the interweb of Snurf related material which we'll continue to post here for your entertainment pleasure.  Watch this Space.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

If you are here, you must watch this...

This video presents Sherman Poppen, the inventor of the Snurfer, and the evolution of the style and substance of extreme sport, snowboarding.  His dream of surfing from the shores of Lake Michigan, and pursuit of fun for his kids and the light turned on - the dune behind his house, was a wave.  A wave you could ride all day long.  And the Snurfer was born.  You can feel both the punk rock elements in the roots of snurfing, and the soul as Poppen discovers the Zen of snowboarding at 65 years old.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Barefoot Adventure

Time for a Snurf Movie. Steve Sasso with a head dip, folks. The spirit of adventure takes young men to new places in search of the perfect snurf. Similar to Endless Summer, where Bruce Brown follows adventuresome surfers on a global voyage to find the perfect wave, Barefoot Adventure followed surfers around Hawaii, searching for new surf spots.
Bareboard Adventures can give anyone with a hill and some snow that same sense of exploration and reward. While the rest of the working world plops down in front of their TV's and Facebook, snurfers of the world seek out new terrain to explore and enjoy.
Join the Bareboard Adventure.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012